abstract images


COLOR has always played an important role in my work. As a portrait artist, color has been a primary tool for the expression of emotion. Recently, I have returned to my earlier contemporary roots and taken a new path into a series of abstract paintings. It began with a desire to "loosen up" and "play". What it has become is a renewed passion for painting. I have discovered that I can be surprised by each step of the work. With my portraits, I always have a final image in mind and forge ahead to achieve that goal. With the abstract works, each step is an intuitively calculated step that precedes other steps which ultimately lead to the final composition. The painting surface, the applied texture, and the numerous layers of transparent colors creates exciting and brilliant images. I hope the titles of most of the images will give food for thought. While I have definitely been influenced by nature, seasons, and geography, I do believe the final work is best viewed in "the eye of the beholder." We’re all on the same planet and have the same goals, to survive and take care of our young. The environment is what allows us to do that, so depicting the environment in my work is a natural progression for me. I’m trying to present it in a way that’s not in your face, but I hope the work causes people to think. I’m trying to strike some chords.

I received a Bachelor of Fine Arts and Art Education from the University of Cincinnati in the late 70's. By mid-1984, I was living and working out of Hong Kong where I was based for the following seven years. Based on my travels in the region, I developed and exhibited my portrait paintings which grew out of the kaleidoscope of cultures and colors in which I was immersed. I now divide my time between the Northwest and Southwest and am exploring and discovering this kaleidoscope of colors in an abstract form.

I am a member of the Oil Painters of America and the Women Painters of Washington. I currently work out of my studios in Santa Fe, NM, and the Skagit Valley, WA, and am represented by Greenberg Fine Art Gallery in Santa Fe, NM, and Women Painters of Washington Gallery in Seattle, WA.